Saturday, March 23, 2013

Zion Half Marathon shoot

We were asked by Vacation Races to shoot the first annual Zion Half Marathon. We knew we'd need a lot of coverage over a wide area, so Dehn asked his cousin-in-law Jason to come help and my wife Alex came along to shuttle us along the route in order to maximize our efficiency.

There wasn't a bad angle to shoot at the entire day!
The race started bright and early while it was still dark outside, so our footage from the beginning was pretty rough. We worked out a plan wherein Alex would drop us off about a mile apart along the route, then swing back around after 20 minutes, pick us all up, and drop us all off again. Dehn also reached out to Cinechopper and they got some awesome aerial shots along the route.

About halfway through the race, Dehn saw a friend and slapped a GoPro on her head, activating all the controls from his phone while running alongside her.

Nicole Jensen, our impromptu 4th camerawoman!

After two and a half hours, the race was mostly wrapped up. It really surprised me how fast the morning flew by; we didn't have the luxury of much time in any given spot. Instead we had to always be on the move, because the runners were just flying past us and the best action was always at the head of the mass of runners.

4 hours is a respectable time when carrying camera gear, right?

It was a long but very rewarding day. Stay tuned for our edit coming soon!

Edit in progress


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