Mango Films is a production company started by Dehn Craig and Travis Moore. With a shared passion for film making we are eager to cover your video production needs.



Dehn has over 5 years of professional experience in video editing and loves seeing the world through a camera lens.

Dehn is originally from Lake Tahoe, NV. He and his wife Catherine have three adorable children. Dehn studied Manufacturing Engineering and Japanese at Brigham Young University and is currently pursuing a joint masters in Product Development (MS in Engineering and an MBA) at BYU.


Travis is originally from Prescott, AZ. After his Freshmen year of college, he attended Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Film Making in Sedona, AZ. As a result of his first major film he and his crew were investigated by the FAA for an aerial shot captured out the window of a low flying plane (with no lasting repercussions).

Travis enjoys urban exploring, ultimate frisbee, events lit with paper lanterns, staying up late and filming everything he can.