Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I hope all those kids are here for our shoot

We drove up to Lehi yesterday to begin our shoot of a commercial for Run for Innocence. We arrived at the playground we were going to film at and it was full of kids. I commented to Dehn, "I hope all these kids are here for our shoot", just knowing there was no way that was possible. As it turns out, James Huntington and his cousin had rounded up about 20 kids! Dehn and I ran around with our cameras and got some really nice shots of the kids being themselves. The children had been told to look happy, and one child asked, "Are we supposed to look cheesy?" "No, don't look cheesy." "Well how am I supposed to look? Hopeful?"

Matt Pace, on very short notice, drove up and met us for the shots we needed on a local road.

Dehn drove the minivan and I alternated between hanging out both the side door and back hatch to film Matt and the kids running.

We ran the scene several times and by the end the kids were really tired. One remarked, "I need water!" Another immediately said, "I need ice cream!"

Thank you Matt, James and all the kids for a great shoot! We'll be getting some more footage in Provo this week and hope to have an edit done soon. -T

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rooftop Concert Series Part I

Travis and I headed to downtown Provo to shoot June's Rooftop Concert Series. The Rooftop Concert Series brings live music to downtown Provo the first Friday of every month, May through October. We unfortunately missed May's show (which featured Emily Brown, Paul Jacobsen, and Fictionist), but June's show was pretty great. Mindy Gledhill and Meaghan Smith were there and they put on a great show for everyone.

We had a great time filming it and appreciated being able to go wherever we wanted on stage. Hopefully we weren't in the way too much.

Here is the recap video we made for June's show:

And just because the footage looked so good in black and white, I made this video of Meaghan's performance (I also really dig the song she sang - "Poor"):

It looks pretty smooth in B&W, but it's still no Rattle & Hum.

My only regret from the show was not buying a tri-tip sandwich from the Station 22 Cafe. We're looking forward to the next show (July 1st) - hope to see you there!


Dirty Dash

The annual Dirty Dash mud race is a fundraiser held at several locations (Boise, Seattle, Billings Spokane, and Salt Lake). They purposely make the 5K and 10K as muddy as possible. It's a mess.

This year I got to help Devin Graham shoot his latest YouTube video at the race held in Soldier Hollow on June 4th. We got a little dirty, but the footage is awesome. There were a handful of other videographers, all shooting on DSLRs (5D, 7D, 2Ti, and a few GoPro cameras for the really messy work). They were great to work with and the participants in the race were so fun to shoot. They came to have fun and had absolutely no inhibitions in front of the camera. What a fun event.

You can see Devin's video here (with some of the video I shot):

As always, Devin's video is great. Hopefully I'll get an edit up soon of just the footage I took. Thanks Devin, and thanks to everyone at The Dirty Dash (! -T

Salt Flats Preview

Here are just a few still shots from our video shoot at the salt flats. Scott Jarvie, a local photographer, held a bootcamp and this shoot was part of it. We went out at golden hour and did a bunch of shooting. The photographers were occupied with the models, but we were mostly concerned about the photo shoot as a whole and got some beautiful video. The photographers were all great to work with.

I've driven by the salt flats almost 48,151,623 times and never before stopped. I always think I should to appreciate the scenery - but it's the longest part of the drive, and I'm either two hours away from Provo, or only two hours into an 8 hour drive.

Thanks Scott Jarvie for letting us crash the party. Hopefully we'll have an edit of the video up soon!


Friday, June 3, 2011