Saturday, September 24, 2011

September Rooftop Concert Series Preview

September's show was one of the most exciting so far. The line-up was killer from start to finish. I've enjoyed all the Rooftop Concerts, but this one seemed like it had the strongest performances and felt the most like what you would expect from a concert. Here are a couple shots from our footage:

rooftop concert series provo crowd
Rachel Kaiser.
sarah sample profile rooftop concert series performance
The Neighbors.
rooftop concert series provo sarah sample shot from behind lens flare
The Vibrant Sound playing a Jackson 5 Medley!
ryan innes singing and wailing oh darling
The crowd dug it.
They really upped the production value on this gig.
guitar shot rooftop concert series in provo the abbey road show
Dan had some great interaction with the crowd.
robbie connolly shredding guitar for abbey road show rooftop concert series july in provo
This solo went on for a while. It was pretty sick.
guitar shot rooftop concert series in provo the abbey road show
We almost lost him.

BYUTV is shooting a series called "Audio-Files" which spotlights up and coming bands. They had a crew there that night shooting B-roll footage. So their 5-6 guys + us + the average 3-4 Joe Schmos with a DSLR + the clown who just waltzed on stage with a full shoulder-harness glidecam (thanks security)= a whole lotta cameras. Seriously, I couldn't spit without hitting another guy with a camera. What this meant was - it was hard to shoot. We were all up in each other's shots.

BYUTV had a sweet setup, at least 6 dudes, 3 of them staked out in prime spots (two front and one back) while the other 3 were roamers, just getting shots wherever they pleased or wherever the action was. It's a great setup... for them. For us, it was frustrating. They were crowding us. I'm just jealous I don't have those kinds of resources. In the end, they paid to get the bigger stage and the light show at the concert, which all contributed to making this one of the most memorable shows so far. All things considered, they still bothered me. But what a show! Hopefully they got some good footage. We sure did. We got our hands on a 7D for this shoot which meant we were able to do some nice slow-mo shots. We'll get a video posted soon!