Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Abbey Road Show (Rooftop Part II)

If the Rooftop Concert Series had an actual roof, these guys would have blown it off. I mentioned it before, but I'll say it again... I like the way these guys did Abbey Road more than I like the Beatles original recording. Out come the torches and pitch forks.

I had to split up the video into two parts because YouTube doesn't allow uploads of more than 15 minutes. Here is Part 2:

The video being too long to upload as one file forced me to question the edit as a whole. I wrestled with the idea that my editing was sloppy. Maybe I was just too lazy to make a tight edit that would be more concise. I doubted myself for a while, but upon watching the finished product and re-watching it, I really don't think that is the case. First of all, if I really was that lazy there is no way I would have put in as many hours as I did on this edit. Second - it rocks. Not so much my editing, but the content just rocks.

There was so much energy at this show, and I think that is what sold me on these guys. Seeing musicians perform live has always been a pretty impacting experience for me. I have fallen in love with bands who until seeing them live I had simply enjoyed. There is a dynamic to seeing them perform that really lets you see who they are, brings you into their world. Maybe if I had been around to see the Beatles perform their album live I would have felt differently (although they never performed this album live). The Abbey Road Show had incredible talent, but even more incredible passion. These folks had fun, and it was a blast to shoot and to edit. Hopefully some of that comes through in this video.

Note to self for future vids, we have got to get a lens with a lower f-stop. -D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Rooftop B&W

I'm indecisive. After meeting my deadline and getting this latest video up, I took a second look and realized I love the look in black and white. It's kind of cheating, because in black and white I don't have to worry about color matching between shots. Even shots taken on the Panasonic match up better with those taken on Mark. This is the EXACT same video, only in black and white. -D

Rooftop Concert Series - July PREVIEW Video

I rushed to get this done so C. Jane could include it in her post about July's Rooftop Concert. I feel so unsettled about it. First off - I didn't have our clean audio recording to use. Second, I focused on only one song which we didn't have enough footage of. I got it up before I had time to think about whether it would've been better in black and white, if the timing of cuts was too short or too long, or whether or not the transitions are smooth. Maybe it is better I didn't nitpick for days like I usually do, nobody ever tells the difference anyway.

Regardless, here it is: a preview video for July's entry in the Rooftop Concert Series. The Abbey Road Show playing The Beatles' "Hey Jude".

I'll get a complete highlight video of the evening up soon. In the meantime, enjoy.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Rooftop Concert Preview

We got to film July's rooftop concert here in Provo. This month featured Sarah Sample and The Abbey Road Show. Travis and I had so much fun shooting this concert. The collaboration between these talented musicians was something to see. Here are a few photos from the evening taken by our friend Trevor Christensen (be sure to check out his website, he has got some great photography projects going on).

trevor christensen rooftop concert series abbey road showtrevor christensen rooftop concert series abbey road show

Sarah Sample warmed the crowd up and the lighting was perfect for shooting. Our shots were filled with this warm glow and the occasional lens flare was the perfect touch. We just saw Super 8 and can't get enough lens flare.

The Abbey Road show just absolutely killed it. You could tell they were having the time of their lives playing music together. It was beautiful. There was so much energy and so much collaborative creativity it rocked our socks off. Below are just a few frames from video we took. We hope to get the video out soon!

rooftop concert series provo crowd
The crowd.
sarah sample profile rooftop concert series performance
The very talented Sarah Sample.
rooftop concert series provo sarah sample shot from behind lens flare
Lens Flare!
ryan innes singing and wailing oh darling
Ryan Innes belting out "Oh! Darling".
robbie connolly shredding guitar for abbey road show rooftop concert series july in provo
Robbie Connolly on lead guitar. This guy wailed.
guitar shot rooftop concert series in provo the abbey road show
Love the depth of field on this shot

Here are two more. Thanks to Scott Capener for the slick t-shirts. Most importantly, I would like to say thank you to Station 22 Cafe for the best tri-tip sandwich I have ever had. Bless you, Station 22 Cafe.

mango film productions t-shirt travis moorestation 22 cafe tri-tip sandwich rooftop concert series